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Welcome to GCfit… providing you with news and tips on health, fitness and food. We will post everything from ways to staying fit and healthy, exercise and clean eating guidelines, and discovering why this every-growing fitness subculture is taking over the Gold Coast.
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GCfit is founded by five Gold Coast journalists, who are passionate about fitness and health. Get to know your GCfit team below!


Matilda Revere
Hi, my name is Matilda and I’m a Gold Coast local, who has a love for sport. With a degree in Journalism, I’ve focused my writing towards all things fitness. I am your blog poster for our Food page, as I specialise in diet and nutrition. I am a vegetarian activist and have a grasp of fine dinning on the coast

Shannen Kiely
I’m Shannen and I am a fitness fanatic from the Gold Coast. Majoring in public relations and journalism, I like to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. I am your fitness and news reporter when I’m not at the gym.

Chloe Patterson
Hi, my names Chloe and I’m a full time student doing business and communication. I’d love to use my communication degree to help educate the public on healthy ways of living, including food, fitness and supplements. I’m the blog poster for our supplements page- the good and the bad! I’m constantly learning and updating my knowledge with the the health and fitness industry as it’s something i’m very passionate about.

Roxann Grover 

Hi, i am a student and organic health food lover living on the gold coast, i love fitness the beach and good food. Im majoring in public relations as well as journalism and i hope you enjoy our blog !

Shae Killey
I am a journalism and public relations student who likes to mix his passion for writing with all things fitness. I currently play high-level AFL in the NEAFL for Broadbeach and like to dabble in a bit of social cricket, endurance running and throwing iron around the gym. I am looking to use my current knowledge of the media combined with my contacts in the fitness industry to bring you the most exclusive, interesting and knowledgeable blog posts on the web.